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We have set up our Lab with latest Master Calibrators of high accuracy. The Calibration accuracy of the Master Equipment that we have is traceable to the National/International Standards.

Our main focus is on providing Quality and Reliable Service to the client at a competitive price and on time. Our Lab is well equipped to calibrate the following instruments covering all Industries.

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Equipment, Machines

Our Laboratory is installed with latest Master Calibrators that boasts of high accuracy & quality…

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Laboratory, Environment

Our laboratory & environment is well equipped with good air conditioning, lighting and work benches…

Pressure Calibration


Routine pressure calibration will help ensure the accuracy and precision of your pressure instruments. SVS performs pressure calibration to 40,000 PSI, including barometer calibration, manometer and pressure transducer calibration and pressure gauge calibration. With every pressure calibration we perform, our customers receive a Calibration Certificate with all the information they need, including:

✔ Instrument condition
✔ Traceability to NMC/International standards
✔ Accreditation to ISO 9001:2015
✔ Calibration results
✔ Repairs and adjustments, if applicable

Working with reliable instruments is essential for efficiency, performance, quality and safety. Let our lab keep all your instruments in top condition.

Capabilities (Scope)

✔ Barometer Calibration
✔ +1mbar
✔ Compound Pressure / Vacuum Gage
✔ Differential Pressure Gauge Calibration
✔ Minimum
✔ Microtector
✔ Manometer Calibration
✔ Pressure Calibrator
✔ Pressure Gage Calibration
✔ Accuracy from 2% to 0.1% or better
✔ Up to 40,000 PSI
✔ Pressure Recorder
✔ Pressure Transmitter/Transducer Calibration
✔ With or Without Readout

Temperature Calibration


Temperature calibration for ovens, furnaces and temperature-reading instruments will be performed at our lab and at customer site. These services are offered to meet all of your calibration needs including fast results with:
✔ Accreditation to ISO 9001:2015
✔ Traceability to NMC/International standards


Calibration of temperature-reading instruments and equipment is essential for ensuring accurate and consistent production and efficient use of energy. Our scope of calibration includes service for the following:
✔ Portable temperature-reading instruments
✔ Thermometer calibration for digital, bimetal, surface models
✔ Dry-wells and liquid-baths with temperature ranges from -45° C to 700° C
✔ Ovens and furnaces
✔ Temperature sensors and transmitters

Temperature Uniformity Surveys for Ovens and Furnaces

✔ Uniformity surveys can be performed on-site
✔ Technicians survey temperatures at various locations within the oven or furnace to accurately assess temperature consistency
✔ Error adjustments can be made as needed

For convenience, we offer temperature calibration and all of our additional calibration services at a single location in Singapore. Ovens, furnaces, temperature controllers and many other instruments can be calibrated right at your facility by our field technicians. You can count on reasonable turnaround with every order.

Electrical Calibration

✔ Multimeters
✔ Process Meters
✔ Milliamps and millivolts simulators and indicators
✔ AC and DC Clamp-On-Meters
✔ DC and AC Voltmeters
✔ DC and AC Current Meters
✔ Panel Indicators (AC Voltage and DC Voltage)
✔ Decade Resistance Boxes
✔ Insulation Testers (Meggers)
✔ Mega-ohm (MΩ) Testers
✔ Frequency Counters
✔ Relays and Switches
✔ Controllers
✔ Panel Indicators
✔ L,C and R meters
✔ Timers

On Site Calibration

In order to save time and to minimize the equipment outage period, we provide all the above instruments calibration at Client’s site in Singapore. Our staff got very good skill and experienced to provide on Site Calibration services to all types of Industries including Shipyard, on-board ships, Chemical & Petro Chemical plants, Wafer Fab, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace.